Master yourself to cover all aspects of success.

“The Science of Mind and Humanology for Leadership and Success®” is meant to completely integrate the yogic technology - meditations, life style and philosophy - in order to live a fulfilled life, expressing and manifesting yourself in all aspects of life.







  • Do you wish to unify and simplify your life to help your authentic expression?
  • Would you like to take your life in the direction of happiness and prosperity?
  • Is your work a natural expression of your creativity that also brings you financial success?

We offer a flexible self-guided approach to master yourself, with the possibility to have support from a personal tutor. It requires an open mind and discipline; a yogic background is not needed.

Expected long-term effects of conducting the training:

  • effectiveness, realization, fulfilment, wealth, prosperity;
  • increased vitality, successfully confronting your fears, openness to new opportunities;
  • growth in consciousness, successfully dealing with your mind, facing life’s challenges with wisdom and grace.

Aim of the Training

Find yourself Allow your sensitivity to relate to your essence and perceive who you are.
This gives you clarity of identity.

Understand your role Through your identity, experience a deeper relationship with the universal environment to sense your calling. This defines your role.
Considering your identity and role, recognize your purpose.

Express who you are Accepting and acting with your identity and role gives you presence.
Through your presence, people and the environment will sense who you are and your dedicated commitment to deliver your purpose.

Align with your Destiny The alignment of your actions with your essence in a naturally progressing manifestation will clear the path to your destiny.

Be a Leader By sharing your success and happiness you inspire others to follow you as a leader, while you guide them to do the same.

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Materials you will find in the Training Area

The Modules

Look at life and facets of life from the angle of infinity

  • 1. Life from the angle of infinity
  • Purpose of life: identify the experiences you are avoiding, and recognize your uniqueness by facing them.
  • During life, your psyche orbits through time and space: navigate your life, adjust the orbit, equalize your mind and spiritual expression.
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  • 2. The 16 aspects of success
  • Aspects of the psyche.
  • Aspects of attitude and behavior.
  • Aspects of the social and personal.
  • Aspects of expression and expansion.
  • Their interconnection – the aspects can exist on their own or coexist.
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  • 3. Kundalini yoga as Raja yoga
  • Lead yourself to a fulfilled existence.
  • Discover the legacy and lineage of Raja yoga.
  • Glance inside the Upanishad.
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Example of a topic discussion from facilitating videos

Spiritual Approach to Lead yourself to Succeed

  • 1. The spiritual practice to incorporate aim in life
  • "know the aim and merge it with life"
  • "know the fame"
  • "take care of the little things"
  • "do not clash with success"
  • "you be you"
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  • 2. The spiritual art of preparing the plan for action
  • Purpose, projection, impact
  • Calculate: attack, retreat, regroup and re-attack
  • Analyze intellectually and decide intuitively
  • Estimate the needed energy
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  • 3. The 10 natural faculties to be a successful leader
  • 5 movements of the psyche and 5 governing bodies
  • Administrate your personality with sovereign consciousness
  • Movements of the psyche: Emotions, Agitated subconscious activity, Feelings, Sensuality and sexuality
  • Governing bodies: Intuition, Wisdom, Projection, Intellect and rational self
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Mapping the Self to Deliver Uniqueness

  • 1. Methodological progression of Self 1
  • Lead yourself to be you: throughout history sages and yogis discovered a path, common to all in which the self finds its way through blockages and challenges to be, express and expand the self
  • Phases of progression: to have, to be, to become
  • Mapping the self
    - Locate, relate, connect
    - Identity, role, purpose, path to destiny
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  • 2. Applied numerology for Leadership and Success 1
  • 5 coordinates to identify your identity
  • How to relate to soul to find your identity
  • Acknowledge the karma to understand your purpose
  • Regain your knowledge to complete your resources
  • Use your gift to understand your role
  • Recognize your path to cover the distance to your destiny
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  • 3. Define priorities to deliver the Uniqueness of the Self
  • Choose to be authentic: decide consciously, then apply clarity and discipline
  • Steps to define priorities
    - Silence to intuitively perceive you and your priorities
    - Set the intention in the fertile soil of the neutral mind
    - Maintain the intention by deeply listening, to root it
    - Project your inner intention, allow it to sprout, then plan your actions
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Example of theory topic from online didactic manuals

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Processing, Strategizing and Communicating

  • 1. Successful communication of a leader
  • Basics of inner and outer communication
  • Communicate by word, action, presence, example; honor your word and understand the effects
  • Speak the truth in an understandable way, mean it, stand by it, act by it
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  • 2. The 4 minds for leadership, business and success
  • Four fields of application of the mind
    - Administrative mind: puts everything in harmony, collects feedback
    - Executive mind: serves the administrative mind, handles the overlord and underlord
    - Analytical mind: asks the right questions, identifies and decides between alternatives
    - Financial mind: uses creativity to find workability, applies ‘no-gain no-loss’ concept
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  • 3. The 10 steps to building and analyze a business
  • Address trends, problems, forces, planning and wills
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Example of meditation from online didactic manuals

Look at the meditation

Spiritual and Mental Expansion for Efficiency and Prosperity

  • 1. Original Creative Frequency and Personal Transitional Frequency
  • The two basic frequencies to balance, in order to create the conditions to succeed
  • Original Creative Frequency: rotate around the axis true to yourself
  • Personal Transitional Frequency: travel through life, orbiting your purpose
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  • 2. The Mind of a Leader
  • The mental dress a successful leader should wear
  • Interaction and permutation between the meditative mind and the organizational mind
  • How neuroscience is proving the existence of our functional and impersonal minds
  • Physiology and anatomy of a thought within the process of intellect
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  • 3. The 9 practical aspects of prosperity and success
  • Rules of the game governing dynamics of life
  • Nine aspects as lenses and levers, nine cogs of the same process of creation:
    - Moment, Momentum, Movement
    - Microscopically, Telescopically, Horoscopically
    - Disciple, Distance, Destiny
  • How to have a vision, make it your mission and fulfill it
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Empowering Perception and Radiance

  • 1. The Aquarian leader as a sensory person
  • Sense the reality and translate it to others
  • Receive, perceive then conceive
  • Brain network and glands to bypass the mesencephalon
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  • 2. The 5 touchstones for action
  • Identify the best move, in order to succeed and elevate others and circumstances
  • Qualify your intention, word, action
    - Will it elevate myself?
    - Will it show my excellence?
    - Will it prove that I am a human being? Does it show my humanity?
    - Would I like that it happens to me?
    - By the best of my consciousness, is it the best thing that I can do?
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  • 3. Disciplines of a leader – Deliver yourself
  • The basic commitments of a leader give longitude, latitude, altitude, attitude lead yourself to the right frequency with clarity, compassion and love.
  • Accept yourself (gratitude)
  • Put your ego aside (purification)
  • Know yourself (honesty)
  • Have an altar (devotion)
  • Personal practice (personal practice)
  • Master yourself (purity)
  • Frequency of a leader (non-violence)
  • Deliver yourself (gratitude)
  • Sell your talent (truthfulness)
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  • 4. How to calculate the value of your job and time
  • The reason to work is to verge your intention into manifestation
  • Budget of your basic expenses
  • Projective budget comprehensive of what is needed to deliver your mission
  • How many hours and days do you want to work for profit
  • Comparing your estimated value of one work-hour to its actual value
  • How you should perceive and project the value of your job
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Example of a template and its questions

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The Process

Watch the facilitating videos

Example process-01

Practice the meditations following the instructions

Example process-02

Study the theory from online didactic manuals

Example process-03

Practice the meditation suggested in the manual

Example process-04

Experience the topics also from delivered courses videos

Example process-05

Repeat the above steps for all the topics of the module

At the end of all the module topics,
work with the template and its questions

Example process-06

Excerpts from the facilitating videos

Guide yourself
through the complete process
in the comfort of your home.

Our individual training is supported by a multitude of materials that will let you progress at your own pace. We also offer the possibility to enhance your training with expert-led personal tutoring.


Sadhana Singh

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Nirvair Singh Khalsa

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Tarn Taran Singh Khalsa

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Dunia Mladenić

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Experience of the Training


Pavanjeet, Hungary

While doing this course I realized that whatever I do, it requires the awareness of who I am and what I want to achieve. For me this course gave all of this and much more: a way to a meaningful life, a community of like-minded people and feeling at home within myself.


Tomaz, Slovenia

At a time of great change and manipulations, the training is an opportunity to take on the responsibility of being a leader. With the practices we have learned in an innovative yogic way, to connect with our real self and finally realize that we are the one who decides what will happen to us.


Britt, Norway

It has been wonderfully useful, challenging and transformative in many ways. I think one of the most important things I've learned, alongside a number of new tools, is that the key to success is to be yourself and take care of yourself. Balance is a key word, both internally and externally.

Packages and Prices

Starter Package (Only 1st Module)

€ 300+ VAT
  • 5
    Process facilitating videos
    with included meditations
  • 4
    Exercises to practice the meditations
  • 25
    Videos excerpts from delivered trainings
  • 2
    Reflection templates to recall the topics
    and assess in your life
  • 33+
    Pages of description, diagrams
    and meditation instructions
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Single Modules (2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6)

Each Module€ 500 + VAT
  • 3/8
    Process facilitating videos
    with included meditations
  • 2/5
    Exercises to practice the meditations
  • 11/33
    Videos excerpts from delivered trainings
  • 2
    Reflection templates to recall the topics
    and assess in your life
  • 22+
    Pages of description, diagrams
    and meditation instructions
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Self-Guided All Modules Package

€ 1800+ VAT
  • 35
    Process facilitating videos
    with included meditations
  • 22
    Exercises to practice the meditations
  • 108+
    Videos excerpts from delivered trainings
  • 11+
    Reflection templates to recall the topics
    and assess in your life
  • 365+
    Pages of description, diagrams
    and meditation instructions
  • 1 hour
    Online individual tutoring in one meeting
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Tutor-Supported All Modules Package

€ 2800+ VAT
  • 35
    Process facilitating videos
    with included meditations
  • 22
    Exercises to practice the meditations
  • 108+
    Videos excerpts from delivered trainings
  • 11+
    Reflection templates to recall the topics
    and assess in your life
  • 365+
    Pages of description, diagrams
    and meditation instructions
  • 11 hours
    Online individual tutoring
    in several meetings throughout 6-12 months
  • 1 to 1
    Instructions for personal practice
    tailor-made by the tutor considering
    your personal process at the moment,
    your progressing in learning the material,
    and your deliverance in life
  • Certificate
    Take the verification test
    and obtain the certificate
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